Free Video FAQs

Free Video Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is the free video REALLY FREE?
A: YUP….a totally free super pro looking and sounding in-studio live streaming webcast video for any band, rapper, singer or other performer filmed at The Boom Room in Philadelphia. Please like/share us on social media to help support us so we can continue to offer this gift….be a homie and we will hook you up!

Q: Can I bring my own lighting or additional video person to add to what you have there? Can I do a separate live stream video from my phone or other device?
A: No. Nope. Negatizzle. Like totes def not.

Q: Can we use the lighting and smoke machine?
A: Aww yeah FO SHIZZLE

Q: Can I bring guests to watch my free session filming in the studio?
A: No.

Q: Can I bring our own drumset, guitar amps, and bass amp?
A: No. You must use ours to minimize setup/load in/out time. We have great gear. Peep the list here.


Q: If I “no show” or last minute cancel my free appointment, can I get another opportunity and try again?
A: Maybe so, maybe not. Probs not. Chances increase if you show up at the studio with a Paesano’s Diavlo chicken sandwich. (extra roasted tomatoes and come quick before the roll gets soggy!!!)


Q: Can I get a copy of the free video files or stream it from my own Facebook or Youtube account?
A: No, but if you require this, please check out our paid video packages. Use the The Boom Room’s Facebook and Youtube links for sharing and promotion of your new free video.


Q: Can you edit the video once it’s been broadcasted?
A: Nope. It is what it is.


Q: Will I have a chance to see the finished product before it is posted?
A: Nope it’s a LIVE broadcast and the live video gets stored for playback permanently on The Boom Room’s FB page


Q: Can I do anything irregular or different from what is listed above OR what is in the sample videos OR customize the layout of the studio OR bring food/alcohol OR be high maintenance with lots of emails/phone calls/questions OR show up more than 10 minutes early or late?????????
A: No dude….WE LOVE YOU but totes def not. Please help us make it easy to give you this awesome free gift.


Q: Can I pick my own date?
A: No…we will pick one or two days(ish) per month(ish) to close down the studio and give out this free gift to the artists in our community. Appointments are on a first come, first served basis.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • 1 “Free Jawn” per artist/band

  • No more than 7 band members in a group (Save the 3rd keyboard player, 5 piece horn section, and 5 backup singers for your show at the Electric Factory, we cannot accommodate them for this free video offer.) We are a perfect size for up to a 7 piece. Minimal setups please…keep it simple.

  • Do not announce a specific time for the broadcast. We don’t want to rush your setup and soundcheck to meet a specific time. For example, tell your fans to watch your live broadcast “Sunday Night” instead of “7:15 pm on Sunday” ….. Different setups take different amounts of time, please don’t sacrifice the sound/look of your video.

  • Tell your fans to watch you live at

  • You must share THIS image on social media with a message about the free livestream to help us promote

  • Use #boomroomstudios

  • Original music only! No covers and no samples of copyrighted material (Facebook and Youtube delete it immediately)

  • PATIENCE PLEASE…..Tell your band members not to wander off during the 1-ish hour long setup…we need everyone on time and to stay in place on their instrument during setup to make this free gift possible

  • Chill vibes only


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