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COVID-19 has been especially difficult for the arts community. ART IS THERAPY. Aside from all of the gigs drying up, many people no longer have access to a rehearsal space or the gear to jam or play their instrument even if only for their own mental health and well being. We know…we are artists too. Due to the pandemic, we are not hosting any parties, events, or allowing guests at your sessions but we are currently booking sanitized, private, contact free rehearsal or recording sessions and live multi-camera video shoots right from our website boomroomstudios.com. We have HEPA air filters running, always requiring masks, and we sanitize between sessions. Please follow the instructions and rules below for your free rehearsal. 

In an effort to help you re-integrate music in a responsible and safe setting, here is a gift of 1 Free 2 Hour Rehearsal in our fully equipped rehearsal space.

  • 5 Band Member Limit 😷😷😷😷😷


  • DO IT SAFELY…Must wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, and use sanitizer when you walk in. Don’t come here if you or any band members are feeling sick OR have had any known contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid. Don’t dig that? Sorry this free rehearsal isn’t for you then…✌️

  • Your free 2 hour rehearsal is allowed only from 2pm to 8pm weekdays any time that is available on the booking link below. Offer available for a limited time.

  • 1 free rehearsal per band (If you register under another band member’s name, or if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, or don’t show for your appointment, you may be excluded from any future free offers)

  • This is a DIY rehearsal only…a Boom Room staff member will NOT be present to help you. It’s pretty simple…ring the doorbell, get buzzed in. We can see you on all of the cameras and you can follow the instructions on THIS LINK to set up and run your own rehearsal. Things like “how do I plug-in my phone to the speakers” and “which microphone is what number on the mixer and how do I make it come out of the speakers?” will all be answered there.

  • The option to record your rehearsal is not available for this free rehearsal…book a regular paid rehearsal and add the recording option if you need a recording

  • Follow us on Instagram @boomroomstudios and on Facebook (facebook.com/theboomroom). Take a photo or video at your rehearsal, post it that day and tag us in at least 1 post giving us a shout to help us to let the community know we are SAFELY hosting rehearsals and recording sessions again #boomroomstudios

Rehearsal info, gear, paid rehearsal booking app here
Need recording? Click here
Or a multicamera livestream video with studio quality sound? Click here

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