Rehearsal Space


Booking a DIY band rehearsal at The Boom Room gives you private and exclusive use of our acoustically treated live room and includes our full band backline with drumset (including snare, cymbals, kick pedal, and hardware), 2 guitar amps, 1 bass amp, 1 keyboard, PA system, mics and various mic/keyboard/guitar stands and accessories. Click here for full gear list.

$30/hour – DIY Rehearsal

$35/hour – DIY Rehearsal + Room Recording (Recorded in ProTools with a stereo mic pair through Neve preamps.)  It sounds GREAT for song demos, “game tape” and live jams! You can listen in on a sample recording below. Allow up to 24 hours for processing and sending of your recorded rehearsal.

Rehearsals with highly customized setups or requiring an in-person staff member to assist may be subject to a setup fee.  We can also arrange gear rental for any specialized equipment/instrument needs. 

Sample Rehearsal: Ernest Walker Band
Booking Policy
  • Studio hours: 10am to 1am – 7 days a week

  • All sessions are to be booked and rescheduled through our scheduling app (red button above)

  • 2 hour minimum is required for all bookings

  • Rescheduling: At least 24 hours notice is needed to reschedule any session. Rehearsal payments are non refundable. You may apply your payment to another appointment and reschedule your booking online from the link in your confirmation email up to 24 hours before your appointment. Click the “reschedule” link in your confirmation email. 

  • All sessions are billed from the beginning of the scheduled time to the end of the scheduled time regardless of how much time is actually used.  (ex if you book 4 hours, you must pay for 4 hours even if you arrive late or finish early and only use 3 hours)

  • Do to our credit card processing fees, you may be charged up to 3% for any payments made through Paypal or credit card.