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Nadira Norjanan performed live at The Boom Room on June 24th.

She goes by the sobriquet Nadira Norjahan, which is defined as a rare light of the world. Nadira is a singer, songwriter and poet presenting her brand of music to the world. Soul, jazz, blues and inspirational music are the main genres for this powered high-energy soprano vocalist. Songwriting and poetry is where this Philadelphia Soul Singer brings the story of real life experiences to the forefront, so that music and poetry lovers can’t help but relate to the pains, the joys and really feeling her message.

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James Hershey performed live at The Boom Room on June 18th.

James Hersey is an independent solo project/band. The 24 year old guitarist writes, produces, and performs soulful songs with unique pop sensibility and vocals. Launched in Vienna, Austria (home to half of his family) in 2010, James rapidly gained support from major alternative outlets as well as mainstream media. His current single “Don’t Say Maybe” is charting in the Top-5, and his mixtape “TWELVE” earned him an Artist Of The Month title at Radio FM4.

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Midnight Bottle Club performed live at The Boom Room on June 17th.

Midnight Bottle Club is a Philadelphia based power trio that plays a unique blend of rock, soul, pop and blues. Known for gritty guitar tones, funky bass lines, and compelling melodies, Midnight Bottle Club creates an intriguing amalgam of real rock music for real people.

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Madd Matt Swayzie Ft. Mark Palmer, OHM and PLD performed live at The Boom Room on June 24th.

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