Parking and Arrival Info


  • LOCATION: ​1300 N Front St. Philadelphia PA 19122 - Look for a white stucco building with a red door on the northwest corner of Front and Thompson. Google maps link here

  • DOORBELL: When you arrive, ring the doorbell (the blue button with a bell shape on it). We will get an alert and then buzz you in. Pull the door when you hear the long "beeeeeep". 

    **Sometimes the doorbell system alerts don't work. If the doorbell takes more than 1 minute and you are still not getting buzzed in: Text or call Gary at 215-910-9614 or Eric at 847-322-4907 (these are our personal numbers so please only call if you are absolutely stuck outside or having an issue in the studio)

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Front Door

Do you have a do-it-yourself rehearsal and need help running the mics, mixer, etc???
DIY Rehearsal Instructions HERE


DIY Parking

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If you are coming for a rehearsal or recording session, secure parking for up to 2 vehicles is usually available in our private lot (next to the building at 1302 N Front St). This parking lot is a multi-use space so we cannot guarantee it is available at all times and it is NOT available during private events. 

Free street parking is usually available within a block or two and also there is a ParkAmerica paid parking lot on our block at 1320 N Front Street.

Instructions to park in our lot:

1. Temporarily pull your car up to the gate (crossing the sidewalk) in front of the lot at 1302 N Front St. (see pic above)

2. Ring doorbell, get buzzed in: (Follow instructions at the top of this page to get inside)

3. Walk inside studio front door and out of the red door directly in front of you.  

4. When you walk outside, there is a garage door UP/DOWN button panel on the fence to your right. Press top button to open the garage door. You will see your car parked there where you left it.  

5. Pull your car into the lot (as far in as you can go) and use the UP/DOWN button to close the gate.

6. When you leave: pull your car back outside (again crossing the sidewalk) and temporarily park it there for a moment. Walk inside the lot, press the UP/DOWN button to make the gate come down and walk underneath the gate to your car and drive away. (Don't worry the gate comes down VERY slow so you have plenty of time to walk underneath) 


Wifi info:
Network: BoomRoomGuest
Password: letitgrow

Neighborhood Food and Bars

Coming from out of town and not sure where to eat/ drink?

Read here what Forbes Magazine says about our Fishtown neighborhood.


Directly across the street:

Front Street Cafe - Neighborhood bar/restaurant/coffee shop. Indoor/outdoor. Healthy/vegan/gluten free options. Favorites: Chicken sandwich, kale salad, fried cauliflower.

Kungfu Necktie - Bar/club/music venue

On the block:

Liberty kitchen - Deli and market. Fresh hoagies and Salads. Favorite: "Chicken buddah bowl"


Cake Life - Craft bakeshop

Wm. Mulherin's Sons - Fancy schmancy italian restaurant and boutique hotel

Laser Wolf - Fancy schmancy middle eastern grille rated rated the "best new restaurant in the world" of 2021 

The El Bar - Old school Fishtown dive bar with outdoor space in backyard