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Lights, Camera, Action!
The Boom Room Live

Video Production
Film your performance for social media and YouTube or create a live online streaming event and invite your fans to watch, share, and comment in real time on your live performance.

The Boom Room offers in-studio and on-location video production of multi-camera events. For an in studio session, come to the fully equipped Boom Room recording studio in Philadelphia and film your live set using up to five 4K camera angles, full band backline (aka drum set and amps), live camera switching (no post editing needed), lighting, on screen logos/graphics, and a 32 channel analog audio mixing console & pro mics for studio quality sound.

For on-location events, we take the show on the road and bring our mobile livestream video system to your show or conference at any venue… anywhere.

In Studio Video - $950
  • 1 HD video of up to 5 switching camera angles filmed at The Boom Room Studio in Philadelphia

  • Video may be broadcasted live to your own account on any streaming service including Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, or any other RTMP compatible service…OR you may choose not to stream live and instead record the video to be posted/streamed later

  • Includes a studio quality multitrack audio mix; A sound engineer will mic all of your instruments/vocals separately and mix your audio live into the video stream (add $100 to record all tracks separately and receive the WAV files and ProTools session files for mixing later)

  • Up to a 1 hour set of live performance (add $100/hour if your set is longer than 1 hour)

  • Up to 3 hours setup time to load in your gear, mic up, sound check, lighting check, video check, and to warm up or rehearse

  • Your choice of logo, text, graphics, and branding on the video

  • Includes 1 band / performance setup. (Contact us for a custom quote to host a streaming festival with multiple bands/artists)

*post editing, post production, post mixing, and post streaming is not included and billed at $60/hour additional service fee

Video Samples

Video Production Samples
On Location Livestream Video Production

Let us show up to your event with our mobile, multi-camera livestream video gear at any venue you choose….anywhere in the world. Rooftops, concert stages, weddings, conferences, outdoor shows and more. Take your show on the road and let us livestream it for you. Up to 5 HD Camera angles switching live and streamed to Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch, filmed on location anywhere. Contact us to request a pricing quote for your on location video production project.

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