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Behind the Scenes: King Britt @ The Boom Room - Sylk 130 Reunion

Posted on December 15, 2018 | In Blog | by Chidinma Wosu

King Britt: DJ. Producer. Composer

King Britt, a DJ, producer, and composer blends a mix of electronic, trip hop, afro-beat, and soul to create musical artwork. Britt, a Philadelphia Native, started his career at Towers Records in 1987 as a buyer for the singles/import section. However, his talent would later bolster him become a respected musical genius, gaining him a prestigious honor of winning the Pew Fellowship.

In Britt’s career he has worked with the likes of Grammy Award Winning Artists Digable Planets, Sade, and even De La Soul. Although Britt has worked over 30 years in the music industry his focus doesn’t just remain on the past, but also on the present. Britt continues to experiment with different sounds including his most recent work on the Fhloston Paradigm project in addition to the Buddy System Project.

King Britt and the Sylk 130 Reunion

Amongst all King Britt’s accolades one cannot forget the group Sylk 130, who came together last September for a reunion show at the TLA in Philadelphia. Although the band would be reuniting at the show to perform, “When the Funk Hits the Fan”, the real reunion happened at Boom Room Studios, where the band members meet, some for the first time in years, to rehearse. Just to name a few, Ursula Rucker, Lady Alma, Tanja Dixon, Vicki Miles, Alison Crockette, Capitol A, Chuck Treece, Tim Motzer, Anthony Tidd, Damon Bennett, Japhar Barron, and Elliot Levin would be joining King Britt on stage for a legendary and highly anticipated reunion show. Although patrons would see them perform on stage for the fist time in years at the TLA, they would first come and collaborate at the Boom Room, where one could see the true reunion.


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