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The Boom Room hosts Mayer Hawthorne for Fillmore Show Rehearsals

Posted on May 25, 2018 | In Blog | by Lauren Bourque

Yesterday The Boom Room hosted Mayer Hawthorne and his band for a rehearsal. Hawthorne is a “Grammy nominated singer, musician, and DJ” according to his personal website. While the artist has been creating full length albums since 2009, his most popular hit is featured off his 2011 Album “How Do You Do” entitled, “The Walk”. Before his solo singing career, Hawthorne was featured in rap groups called Athletic Mic League and Now on under the name of Andrew Cohen. Through this beginning, he has stayed within the rap community by working on songs such as Can’t Stop ft. Snoop Dog and Crime ft. Kendrick Lamar. Recently, Mayor Hawthorne has also been featured on the soundtrack to the movie Noxious which features rappers such as Kurupt and Joyner Lucas.

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The Boom Room’s Director / Owner, Gary Dann, has been a longtime fan of Hawthorne and was ecstatic to be able to host the R&B star in the studio. “It was such a pleasure to host Mayer Hawthorne and his amazingly talented band at The Boom Room. So cool that they were able to spend the day here working on music and then immediately go play a show at The Fillmore only a few blocks away from the studio.”

The Boom Room is an exciting and inspirational place for all different types of artists to come and create. That is why it’s for everyone from international superstars, like Hawthorne to local heroes too, The Boom Room is the SPOT!


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