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Camp Lo Shoots New Music Video

Posted on December 27, 2016 | In Photos | by Gary Dann

Hiphop legends, Camp Lo, returned to The Boom Room Studio, along with their producer Ski Beatz, to shoot the visuals for their newest release “Piece Of The Action / World Heist”. Nearly every room in the Fishtown Philadelphia studio’s building was used for the video, including the control room, the live room, the upstairs apartment above the studio, the Worldtown bus, and the block of Front St under the El with neighbors Kungfu Necktie, Front Street Cafe, and street artist Gloss Black making cameos. The day rounded off with a rap cypher in the outdoor garden while the director, Devin Hampton and producer Kevon Glickman of Blingnot Media got the final shots they needed. The entire behind the scenes event was livestreamed on Facebook Live and can be seen here.


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