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Jump Magazine: A Music Community Space

Posted on March 17, 2012 | In Press | by Chesnet Davis

This article originally appeared in JUMP – The Philadelphia Music Project.

Tucked away in the burgeoning musical triangle of Northern Liberties, Fishtown and Kensington sits a little recording studio setting out to make some big noise.

Gary Dann, a drummer, producer, photographer and multimedia specialist, opened The Boom Room last October as a recording studio and rehearsal space.

The idea is to bring a more polished element to the raw, DIY culture that surges through the neighborhoods around it.

“I really believe this neighborhood is really special and what’s happening here is really special,” says Dann, who left a job in pharmaceuticals eight years ago to pursue music full time.

In 2010, Dann approached fellow musician (and current business partner), Julian Hinson, about his plan for the venture. With the help of Hinson’s real estate, financing, and construction expertise, Dann purchased and renovated the space.

Since then, the business has gone beyond simply slotting recording time with musicians. It also provides comprehensive multimedia services.

“It was created to be a center of the arts,” Dann insists. “I want a band to have their band rehearsal here weekly. When that band is ready to record, I want them to record here. When they’re ready to do their video, I want to film and edit it here. And when they’re ready to put their website up and connect theirTwitter and Facebook, I want to do that for them.”

Also a performance space, The Boom Room is the weekly destination for Music Church, a Sunday night jam session. Everyone is welcome to participate. The weekly event has hosted notable musicians like Disco Biscuits guitarist Jon Gutwillig and producer and guitarist Mike Tyler. With the recordings from each jam session, Dann says he will help musicians develop songs, some of which he’ll put on a compilation CD.

“I want to build long-term relationships with artists,” Dann says.

With quality equipment and a feeling of community, Dann says he sees The Boom Room as a place for artists to learn, collaborate and, of course, make great music.


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