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New at The Boom Room: HD Live Stream Webcasting

Posted on July 3, 2016 | In Press | by Bridget Filipe

On June 17th, the recording, rehearsal and private event space, The Boom Room started featuring a new service. It’s HD live stream webcasting will offer bands the unique opportunity to stream their performance from inside, or outside, of The Boom Room. During the first week, the live stream included over 20 bands, all performing live from the studio. Artists such as KJ McNeill & The Template Live and Kriss Mincey, both seen below, took part in the launch.

The HD cameras, set up throughout the studio, pan from shot to shot during the performance. The footage is simultaneously broadcasted online, and can be watched by anyone, anywhere. The service allows both the artist and viewer to participate in a new experience with live music. All recordings are saved and can be posted by the band to their own Facebook or social media accounts.

Live streamed performances let viewers watch events unfold before their eyes, even if they cannot physically be there to witness it. Events like The Boom Room Presents: Lemonade Stand become more available to audiences that could not attend. Streaming videos from The Boom Room will expand the reach of audiences that get to listen to music and experience special events.

Footage of all live performances can be found on our Facebook page at:


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